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Algene Medical Ltd. is operating internationally in various Health Care segments. The company commitment in building products of internati


onal standards through its innovative indigenous R&D division. 
The company virtual leadership in most product segments in the Pakistan and Swedish marketplace. Alegene Medical manufacturing partners has its state-of-art manufacturing facility conforms to the strictest FDA, EMA and GMP regulations in Europe. In its efforts to build world-class Quality products, the ALGENE MEDICAL has recently launching three brand new products saving life from various life threatening diseases. The New Products Brand including TropoGene™ Cardiac Troponin I (cTnI) a new generation cardiac marker of choice (Troponin I – Immunochromatographic Bedside Rapid Test in Whole Blood Samples. Secondly very innovative stop smoking Nicotine free kits containing friendly use patches first time in the health care sector.
Another market leader life saving medical device CVC lock solution for the prevention of CRBSI (catheter Related Blood Stream Infection) and Restoration of blocked catheter in Hemodialysis, Oncology, and Parenteral Nutrition. The ALGENE products are now freely available to the medical professionals. A well experience and qualified Marketing and Sales team building every day a credibility of ALGENE Medical in various part of the world. With decades of experience in-vitro diagnostics (IVD), ALGENE has created a strong knowledge base life threatening Cardiac issue to diagnose AMI with in short possible time. ALGENE believes that in the knowledge-based society of the 21st _ century, regular up gradation of knowledge is essential not only for better diagnosis and patient care, but also to improve the overall quality of life.
Algene Medical Ltd. is committed to bring life saving product to marketplace in affordable and from well reputed manufacturer around the world.
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