Supplements that aid digestion and reduce stomach acidity

Digestion is a vital process for the absorption of nutrients, so it is important to take care of its proper functioning. Stress and poor eating habits can cause heartburn and stomach acidity , bloating, difficulty digesting normally and can be hard on your metabolisim. In order to ease digestion and get rid of irritating symptoms, there are herbal remedies such as Vegetable Carbon that help reduce stomach bloating. ESI’s extra strength Karbofin is a natural dietary supplements that’s made with charcoals and a


high-dose of plant extracts that are known to reduce bloating and help ease digestion . In order to restore metabolic balance and normal digestive function, the DigestivAid line can help you to cope irritations of the digestive system. We also offer DigestivAid Active, which is a true multienzyme herbal complex that prepares the digestive tract for food transit, and thanks to its special formula, the gradual release of its active ingredients work all along the gastrointestinal tract.


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