Glucose metabolism

Supplements for glucose metabolism

Glucose is basic fuel for all of our body functions. In order to perform physical and mental activities, our cells need the right supply of glucose. Glucose is introduced to our bodies through food, therefore, 2 to 4 times a day; part of it gets stored for subsequent needs between meals. One of the most difficult jobs our body has to keep appropriate blood glucose levels while ensuring that it has the right amount of energy, and therefore glucose, available in times of need, which quickly uses the amount that had been accumulated. This delicate balance is maintained because of insulin,


glucagon and somatostatin hormones. About 2 hours after a meal, when insulin, physical activity, and glucose uses cellular activity to transform it into glycogen, your blood sugar returns to its normal levels. Under some circumstances, (poor diet, excessive weight, age, smoking, hypertension, and diabetes) the body is unable to provide adequate levels of glucose in the blood and causes your blood sugar to rise. In addition to physical exercise, a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, natural remedies can also help.

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