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Healthy hair is synonymous with youth and neglecting it may cause a person to look older in age. Climate and season change, as well as stress and poor eating habits, are all factors that can cause hair damage and for it to fall out. It’s helpful to know the main causes of poor hair health and to know how to prevent those types of problems. ESI’s product line Rigenforte uses a variety of ingredients that work well together and provide maximum results when it comes to scalp care and hair loss


prevention. The complete Rigenforte line was created after extensive studies on hair health were carried out, which involved hair structure, function and scalp diseases. All of the products in the Rigenforte product line are completely hypoallergenic, and are available in the form of dietary slow release formula supplements and costmetic products. The internal-external treatment system offers increased benefits for the hair follicles and the hair.

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