Mosquito Block Band

Mosquito Block Band

Anti-mosquito band with geranium extract

A convenient bracelet with Geraniol (which is a Geranium extract) that is perfect for outdoor activities. It's safe and effective for the whole family, even children. This recyclable and non-toxic plastic bracelet is equipped with a design patented tongue that can be torn in the event that it gets tangled; it’s packaged in an innovative reusable container with an airtight seal that helps to maintain the product’s effectiveness between uses.

It works for over 120 hours. This natural product is both safe and practical and can be used on wrists and ankles, on top of tables, nightstands, and strollers; it can be attached to a belt and is water resistant which makes it practical for outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, etc. Used by the boy scouts of America. THIS PRODUCT IS FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.


How to use:

Take the bracelet out of the resealable container, put the tip through with the arrow in the hole, adjust to the desired size.

Warnings: Do not use this product if you’re allergic to geranium. Do not wear it the entire day, for intermittent use only. Adjust the bracelet accordingly so that air can circulate between the wristband and the skin so that humidity cannot get trapped under the bracelet (it’s made out of plastic).

Packaging: 1 bracelet

Form: Bracelet Weight: 5 g

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  • Ingredients

    Geranium Oil

  • Components


  • A remedy for

    Anti-mosquito protection