Antimicrobial Effect

According to the hygiene guidelines of the German Dialysis Standard and to the position statement of the European Renal Best Practices the preventive use of antimicrobial lock solutions is advocated to reduce the rate of catheter related infections.

Instillation of TauroLock™ into the catheter lumen prevents infections
Application in long-term and short-term catheters
Effective against all bacteria tested (including MRSA and VRSA)
The range of effectiveness of TauroLock™ covers a wide range of bacteria and funghi
TauroLock™ is not an antibiotic; no bacterial resistance has been observed
TauroLock™ avoids colonization of catheters at the planctonic level and avoids the development of a biofilm.

TauroLock™ kills bacteria and fungi within two hours, a time frame available between two treatments.





The antimicrobial effect of TauroLock™ significantly reduces catheter related infections in dialysis, oncology and parenteral nutrition.



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